Reencuentro de amigos: aquel en el que China censura a sus estrellas invitadas

Para muchos millennials chinos, la comedia estadounidense Friends fue una ventana al estilo de vida estadounidense. Los maestros usarían el programa para ayudar a los estudiantes a aprender inglés. Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai have Friends-themed Central Perk cafes. So when news that the original cast were to hold a reunion special por poco 20 years after the show was first introduced into China, diehard fans were excited, and some of China’s biggest online streaming platforms bought the rights to broadcast the show.

But eagle-eyed viewers complained on Thursday that some of the much-talked-about scenes in the original 104-minute runtime were missing.

The missing scenes featured guest stars such as the boyband BTS, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber – all of whom have caused controversy in China. Some concluded that the celebrities were censored because of previous negative headlines. There were also reports that mentions of LGBTQ subjects were censored.

Censorship is not rare in China. But it is not immediately clear whether the cuts were as a result of orders by regulators , or action taken by streamers as a precautionary measure. One of the streamers iQiyi, por ejemplo, had six minutes missing from the original one hour and 44 minutos, whereas another platform YouKu cut out about four minutes, according to fans.

On China’s social media platform Weibo, the hashtag #Friends has been viewed more than 1.2bn times and nearly 700,000 discussion entries have taken place. Although much of the discussion has been about enthusiastic fans’ nostalgia for the show, some shared the missing clips and asked why the seemingly innocuous scenes had to be taken out.

“I’m fxxking speechless. Either give us the unedited version or never broadcast the clip. What is the point of watching the censored version?” wrote @Maidoufudaye. “Is homosexual to do with anti-China? So laughable,” said @Luxun201706

Some nationalist commenters on Weibo labelled the censored artists “anti-China”. Lady Gaga, por ejemplo, was banned from touring in China in 2016 after meeting with the Dalai Lama, who China calls a “separatist”.

La semana pasada, Weibo banned 10 accounts of the South Korean boyband BTS’s fan clubs from posting for 30 days for “encouraging inappropriate behaviours, including cyberbullying and improper fundraising and voting”.

As for the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, he was banned from performing in China in 2017 for a “series of bad behaviours”, said the authorities. Before the ban, Bieber visited the controversial Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo, which honours convicted war criminals in the second world war.

Additional reporting by Jason Lu




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