Finland passes law to bolster border fence with Russia

Finland’s parliament has passed legislation to build stronger fences on its border with Russia, as the country seeks to join Nato after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Finland reversed decades of military non-alignment by seeking membership of the military alliance in May, formally starting the process to join this week.

Fearing that Moscow could use migration to exert political pressure, the new amendments to the Border Guard Act facilitate the construction of sturdier fences on the country’s 800-mile (1,300km) eastern border with ロシア.

The aim of the law is to “improve the operational capacity of the border guard in responding to the hybrid threats,” said Anne Ihanus, a senior adviser at the interior ministry. “The war in Ukraine has contributed to the urgency of the matter," 彼女は付け加えた.

現状のまま, Finland’s borders are secured primarily with light wooden fences, mainly designed to stop livestock from wandering across.

“What we are aiming to build now is a sturdy fence with a real barrier effect,” said Sanna Palo, director of the Finnish border guards’ legal division. “In all likelihood the fence will not cover the entire eastern border but will be targeted at locations considered to be the most important.”

The new law makes it also possible to close border crossings and concentrate asylum seekers at specific points, in the event of large-scale crossover attempt.

Helsinki also passed amendments to emergency powers legislation to make the definition of “emergency” better take account of various hybrid threats.