Final victim of Florida condo collapse identified by relative

The final victim of the condo building collapse in フロリダ has been identified, a relative said Monday, more than a month after the middle-of-the-night catastrophe that ultimately claimed 98 lives.

Estelle Hedaya, an outgoing 54-year-old with a love of travel, was the last victim identified, ending what her relatives described as a torturous four-week wait.

Her younger brother, Ikey Hedaya, confirmed the identification to the Associated Press. The news comes just days after rescuers officially concluded the painstaking and emotionally heavy task of removing layers of dangerous debris and pulling out dozens of bodies.

“She always mentioned God anytime she was struggling with anything," 彼は言った. “She had reached a different level spiritually, which allowed her to excel in all other areas.”

Her brother said he is drawing strength from God, just as he’d seen his sister do in troubling times. A funeral was scheduled for Tuesday.

The site of the 24 June collapse at the oceanside Champlain Towers South has been mostly swept flat, the rubble moved to a Miami warehouse. 法医学者はまだ働いていますが, 倉庫でのがれきの検査を含む, authorities said there are no more bodies to be found where the building once stood.

最終的には, crews found no evidence that anyone who was found dead had survived the initial collapse, fire chief Alan Cominsky has said.

検索チームは、瓦礫の危険と戦うために数週間を費やしました, 上でぐらついた建物の不安定な部分を含む, 繰り返される火事とフロリダの息を呑むような夏の暑さと雷雨. 彼らは以上を経験しました 14,000 tons of broken concrete and rebar before finally declaring the mission complete.

Miami-Dade fire rescue’s urban search-and-rescue team pulled away from the site Friday in a convoy of firetrucks and other vehicles, slowly driving to their headquarters. The fire chief saluted their bravery, saying they had worked 12-hour shifts while camping out at the site and also dealing with the heavy emotional burden.

Linda March, a 58 year-old attorney and fellow former New Yorker, was close friends with Hedaya. Oddly the two were among the last three victims to be identified, along with 24-year-old Anastasia Gromova of Canada.

Leah Sutton, who knew Hedaya since birth and considered herself a second mother to her, said she and March were both “forces to be reckoned with”.

“My two beautiful amazing fearless friends saved for last, have to believe there was a reason for them to be last,” she said Monday. “Estelle’s love of God was unbelievable and unwavering.”

死者には、この地域の大規模な正統派ユダヤ人コミュニティのメンバーが含まれていました, パラグアイのファーストレディの妹, 彼女の家族とその乳母, along with an entire family of four that included a local salesman, 彼の妻と2人の若い娘, four and 11, who were buried in the same coffin.

その間, it’s unclear what will happen at the collapse site. A judge presiding over several lawsuits filed in the collapse aftermath wants the property sold at market rates, which would bring in an estimated $100m or more. Some condo owners want to rebuild, and others say a memorial should be erected to remember the dead.