Fifth teen accused of killing Keon Lincoln found guilty of manslaughter

A fifth teenager accused of killing 15-year-old schoolboy Keon Lincoln has been cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter.

Kieron Donaldson was convicted of the lesser charge by a majority 10-2 verdict at Birmingham crown court after a trial heard he “helped and supplied weapons” for the premeditated attack on Lincoln in January this year.

The 18-year-old, of Perry Barr in Birmingham, will be sentenced later this month alongside four other teenagers who were convicted of Lincoln’s murder on Thursday.

A 14-year-old from Birmingham and a 16-year-old from Walsall, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were convicted of murder alongside Tahjgeem Breakenridge, 18, and Michael Ugochukwu, 18.

DI Jim Colclough from West Midlands police, who led the investigation, 说: “We have not been able to establish why Keon was murdered. Only his killers know that, but they will now have a long time to reflect on their actions.”

“The utter sadness here is that not only has Keon’s family been left without him, but these young killers now face life in prison, away from their own families, and for what?”

In the middle of the afternoon on 21 一月, Keon was talking to a friend outside his house in Handsworth when several young people jumped out of a car. He jumped over his garden wall and was chased up the road, before being stabbed from behind.

One of two gunshots hit him in the stomach, and the group attacked him with machetes and large hunting knives as he lay on the ground. He managed to get up and run again, but was again chased and slashed after falling to the floor a second time.

He was pronounced dead at Birmingham children’s hospital two hours later.

Police used DNA evidence found in the car, which was crashed and abandoned nearby, to identify the killers.

Keon’s mother, Charmaine, and his sisters ran to his side as he lay in the street. “I’m in a nightmare that I cannot wake up from,“ 她说. “My heart is broken beyond repair. A piece of my soul has been taken from me. I see my baby boy’s face as he lay slumped on the ground struggling to breathe.”

The Rev Neville Popo, a close family friend, called the attack “heinous and diabolical”. “We would like to know what would have motivated them to do such a thing but we do not know,“ 他说.

Popo said the family wanted justice for Keon. “It’s not about getting back at the people who have done the crime; it’s about getting justice. This has to stop. There has to be a way we can reach our young people across the city to stop this level of crime that has been created. It’s quite devastating.”

The five teenagers will be sentenced on 29 十一月.