Federal workers must be vaccinated or regularly tested


Joe Biden announced yesterday that all civilian federal workers must show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 or face regular testing and physical distancing, masking and travel restrictions.

In a new push for vaccinations amid the spread of the Delta variant, he called on local governments to go as far as to offer $100 to those getting vaccinated as a way to incentivize vaccination. Small and medium-sized businesses would be reimbursed for offering their employees paid leave to get their family members vaccinated, Biden said.

“With incentives and mandates, we will make a huge difference and save a lot of lives,” Biden said.

Republicans have already begun pushing back against some of health measures, with the Republican House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, 发推文: “The threat of bringing masks back is not a decision based on science.” The Democratic House speaker, 南希佩洛西, called him a “moron”.

后 18 months of putting their lives on the line during the pandemic, nurses across the US are picketing over severe understaffing issues, pay cuts and inadequate equipment.

Despite growing at a weaker rate than expected in the second quarter, the US economy has returned to its pre-pandemic level, with the gross domestic product increasing at a 6.5% annualized rate in the three months to the end of June.

Fears of a slowing economy persist, however – the economy remains about 2% below where it would have been without Covid-19, and experts believe the global industrial boom is showing signs of a slowdown.

After Simone Biles’s withdrawal from the all-around competition in Tokyo, Sunisa Lee stepped up as the first ever Hmong American to compete in the Olympics and take home gold.

Lee said Biles and her teammates gave her key advice and were instrumental in helping her win the competition.

According to a survey by the Association of Flight Attendants, the most common cause behind these physical altercations is passengers refusing to follow the federal requirement that they wear face masks during flights.

Karapiru Awá Guajá, one of the last of the hunter-gatherer nomadic Awá of the Brazilian Amazon, survived a massacre and lived for 10 years alone in the forest, eating honey and small birds, sleeping in the boughs of copaiba trees and being as invisible as possible. He died last month of Covid-19.

Extreme weather has ravaged regions around the world this past month, from the extreme heatwave in the US Pacific north-west to flooding in Germany to landslides in India. Here’s a Guardian video to recap what one month of extreme weather looked like.

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After divorce and the death of his son, 64-year-old Terry Aston had retreated into himself. Then he decided to strip himself bare and pose for an art class. On his busiest days now, he receives up to three bookings.

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