Father warned police hours before officer Tasered son, 審問は聞く

The father of an ex-soldier who died after being Tasered warned police hours before the incident that his son, who had post-traumatic stress disorder, was “insane” and needed sectioning, but no welfare check was carried out, an inquest jury has heard.

Police did not go to try to find Spencer Beynon, 43, or visit his father, Christopher Beynon, to obtain more details, but instead officers logged the call for intelligence purposes.

Beynon, who served with the Royal Welsh regiment, was diagnosed with PTSD after tours of Afghanistan and Iraq and was discharged from the army on medical grounds, the jury was told.

Dyfed-Powys police responded to reports on Tuesday 14 六月 2016 of a man acting strangely, walking barefoot down a road in Llanelli, south Wales, and holding a “bong bottle”. They found Beynon with a serious neck wound. He collapsed after being hit with a Taser.

The weapon was fired by PC Oliver West, the inquest in Llanelli heard. His colleague PC Sian Beynon said that when they arrived Spencer Beynon was slumped on the ground. She remembered “some movement” from Beynon, then a “crackling noise” as the Taser was discharged by West and Beynon fell.

In a statement taken soon after the incident, the officer said she had felt frightened, but she told the inquest on Thursday that she could not remember why. “Everything felt like it happened ridiculously quickly," 彼女は言いました.

Christopher Beynon phoned police on the morning of 14 June and told them his son was behaving in an “insane” manner and should be sectioned, the jury was told. He said his son had “cannabis or something stronger” with him.

The full report did not reach any senior officers, the inquest heard. Sgt Dylan Davies saw a shorter version of the report, without facts including that Beynon had PTSD and had used drugs. He said he did not see the need to send an officer out because, as far as he was concerned, no offences had been committed. Davies said that if he had known the full details, a visit to Beynon Sr would have been needed.

The inquest was told that the police had a mental health triage team but they would not have been on duty until the Thursday, two days after the incident.

The acting senior coroner Paul Bennett has asked the jury to decide whether the police’s response to Beynon Sr’s call to police was appropriate, and whether it was reasonable for officers to use a Taser and whether the Taser contributed Beynon’s death.

The inquest continues.




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