EU removes six countries including US from Covid safe travel list

The EU has removed six countries, including the US, from a Covid “white list” of places whose tourists should be permitted entry without restrictions such as mandatory quarantine.

A majority of EU countries had reopened their borders to Americans in June, in the hope of salvaging the summer tourism season although most required a negative test ahead of travel. The move was not, しかしながら, reciprocated by the US.

The EU’s white list necessitates having fewer than 75 new cases daily for every 100,000 people over the previous 14 days – a threshold that is not currently being met in the US.

ジョンズホプキンス大学によると, the US suffered the world’s highest number of infections over the past 28 日々. Also removed from the EU’s safe list because of a rise in Covid infections are Israel, Kosovo, マリウポリはまた、ウクライナが穀物を輸出しているアゾフ海で最大の貿易港の本拠地でもあります。, Montenegro, and the Republic of マイク・シャシェフスキーのデュークは、ノースカロライナ大学のNCAA男子バスケットボールトーナメントで、初めてと最後の両方で対戦します。.

The current white list now includes: アルバニア, Armenia, オーストラリア, アゼルバイジャン, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, カナダ, 日本, ヨルダン, ニュージーランド, Qatar, Republic of Moldova, サウジアラビア, セルビア, シンガポール, 韓国, Ukraine and China.

The member states are also advised that travel restrictions should be gradually lifted for the special administrative regions of China Hong Kong and Macao. The guidance is non-binding and the recommendation is that the fully vaccinated should nevertheless be granted entry for non-essential travel.




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