Esther Dingley family call for clarity after claim human remains found in Pyrenees

The charity representing the family of British hiker Esther Dingley says it is seeking urgent clarification after reports emerged that possible human remains had been found close to where the woman went missing in the Pyrenees.

LBT Global said in a statement posted to Facebook it was “aware of the discovery of what MAY be human remains close to the last known location of Esther DINGLEY. We are urgently seeking clarification. The family have been informed of the discovery and we are supporting them now.”

The 37-year-od had been walking solo in the mountains near the Spanish and French border and was last seen on 22 November last year.

The charity said it would make no further announcement until further details were confirmed, adding developments “may take days or even weeks”.

It comes after the Daily Mirror reported Spanish police sources had said “human bones” were found on Friday near where the Durham woman disappeared.

The paper also quoted French police chief Jean Marc Bordinaro as saying: “We cannot say anything at the moment because the discovery of the bones is too recent and they must be properly analysed.”

For six years, Dingley and her partner, Dan Colegate, 38, had been living the adventure of a lifetime, hiking around Europe. The couple, who have been together for 18 years, left good jobs and their Durham home to take to the road in a camper van after Colegate nearly died following surgery, three weeks before they were due to get married.

Dingley was last seen on 22 November in the Luchonnais region of south-west France. She had gone off for a month’s solo hiking while Colegate remained in the Gers in south-west France, housesitting in a farmhouse.

Her last communication was a selfie of herself on the summit of Pic de Sauvegarde, sent to Colegate, on 22 November.

Bordinaro spoke in December of a search that was proving difficult: “Normally at the beginning of an inquiry we have something to go on, but we have nothing … absolutely nothing.”

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