Economic toll of climate crisis ‘will be like two pandemics a year’


The world’s biggest industrialised economies will shrink by twice as much as they did during the coronavirus pandemic if they do not tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions, 研究によると.

Oxfam and the Swiss Re Institute have warned that the G7 countries will lose 8.5% of GDP a year, the equivalent of nearly $5tn, within 30 years if temperatures rise by 2.6C (36.68F), as they are predicted to.

During Covid-19, G7 economies shrank by an average of about 4.2%. The research forecasts economic losses from the climate crisis by 2050 would be roughly equivalent to enduring a similar crisis to the pandemic twice a year, レポート the environment correspondent Fiona Harvey.

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s first campaign manager in 2016 and a close adviser, has declared that his former boss “lost the election” and he will not be reinstated in the White House.

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday – hours after the former president returned to frontline politics with a speech in North Carolina – Lewandowski said he had spoken to Trump “dozens, if not more than 100 times” since he left the White House in January, and that he had “never had that conversation about him being reinstated”.

彼が追加した: “I know of no provision under the constitution that allows it to occur, nor do I know of any provision under the constitution that allows an individual who lost an election to come back in if a recount is dubbed inaccurate.”

少なくとも 38 people have been killed and up to 20 passengers trapped in wreckage after two express trains collided in southern Pakistan in the early hours of Monday. Rescuers and villagers were on Monday working to pull the dead and injured from the wreckage.

A report by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) 持っている 見つかった that wealthy nations are breaking their climate commitments by funding a new dash for gas in the global south. The public funding – 48% of which came from US, Japan and China – was nearly four times more than international payments for solar or wind projects.

The Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk talks about starring in the action thriller Nobody – and claims that before long the hit show Breaking Bad, in which he played the lawyer Saul Goodman, will be forgotten. 彼 speaks to Stuart Heritage.

Just two years after a devastating drought in California ended, the state is preparing for another one. Snowpack has dwindled to almost nothing, reservoirs are at just 50% of their average levels and agencies have started issuing water restrictions, while temperatures soar amid fears of another record-breaking fire season. Gabrielle Canon レポート.

While some species of sharks – including the seemingly fierce great hammerhead – will make a dash for it away from shallow coastal habitats as big storms approach, there is one shark that relishes the turbulence. Researchers have found that tiger sharks appear to be especially happy to be in the eye of the storm. Rather than evacuating Little Bahama Bank ahead of Hurricane Matthew in 2016, as most sharks did, daily tiger shark detections roughly doubled. “They didn’t even flinch,」 前記 the study co-author Neil Hammerschlag of the University of Miami.

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