Double trouble for Tesco and Monzo as customers pay twice

I received a Monzo bank alert that I had just spent £11.30 in Tesco. I hadn’t. しかしながら, this was an identical amount to what I had actually spent in Tesco two days before. Monzo told me there was an issue with Tesco double-charging its card users and I should get my money back in eight days. I will now only use Monzo for small purchases.

It’s a problem that’s been going on for at least two years. に 2019, consumer group Which? reported that a branch of Tesco was refusing Monzo card payments. Both companies stated that they were investigating. それ以来, there have been numerous reports of double-charging. Tesco told me it is exceptionally rare and that it is continually working to improve its payment systems. The retailer automatically refunds duplicate payments within a day, but customers can request a payment reversal from their bank, which takes up to eight days. Monzo declined to comment.

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