Don’t surrender BBC in face of political attacks, Melvyn Bragg urges

The government’s politically motivated attacks on the BBC are part of a general abasement of British institutions in recent years, the broadcaster Melvyn Bragg 경고했다, as he called for the corporation to be protected.

Bragg accused ministers of failing to recognise the value of the institution, which he said has earned the country’s support. His comments follow what some see as a sustained campaign by government ministers intent on waging a culture war, 이랑 BBC as a key front.

"최근에, it has sometimes seemed that, sadly, we are becoming a lesser country by the year,” he told the Radio Times.

“I hope the BBC is not allowed to become part of this surrender to a creeping deterioration. 과연, I believe it could lead by example if we want to escape a situation where our great institutions are increasingly damaged for political purposes.

“It comes down to what sort of country we want this to be. The BBC has earned our respect and repaid our support, in war and peace, over many years. It has built itself in our image. Surely, now that it is so clearly up against it, we cannot let it down.”

Bragg, who has spent most of his television career at ITV, has previously spoken out in defence of the BBC, declaring himself “foursquare” behind it. In an interview with the same magazine last summer, he said the BBC was worth “storming the Bastille” to save and would never be reinvented if it was destroyed.

“Have a go at it, fine. But to try to damage it, as some people are doing, try to pull it down? The BBC is worth fighting hard for, worth storming the Bastille for, and saying: ‘No, you can’t do that’.”

최근 몇 년 동안, government ministers have sought to influence the BBC’s news coverage by painting criticism of them as political bias.

They threatened to decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee – a move that would probably hit the BBC’s finances hard – and they tried to pave the way for a longstanding and staunch opponent of the BBC to be installed as the head of the broadcasting regulator Ofcom.

Ministers also tried to block the appointment of a respected journalist who had previously stood up for a colleague who was being publicly attacked by a member of the government. A former adviser to Theresa May reportedly warned of negative political consequences for the BBC should the appointment go ahead.

And the prime minister used a minor row over whether Rule, 그들은 "빛의 귀환"을 환영하기 위해 성탄절을 비롯한 다양한 이교 전통을 활용합니다.! and Land of Hope and Glory should be played as instrumental pieces only at the annual Proms to portray the BBC as unpatriotic.

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