Devon nursery worker found guilty of sexually assaulting children

A teenage nursery worker has been found guilty of sexually assaulting young children he was employed to look after.

Jayden McCarthy, now aged 18 ma 16 at the time of the alleged offences in the summer of 2019, assaulted children at a family-run nursery in Devon.

McCarthy was arrested after a girl claimed he had carried out a serious sexual assault on her.

Police spoke to more than 100 families who attended the nursery and McCarthy was put on trial for attacks on seven girls and one boy between the ages of two and four.

Jason Beal, perseguire, told Exeter crown court there were no adult witnesses to the assaults, but when police examined 250 hours of CCTV from the nursery, 13 incidents were identified.

The jury heard McCarthy joined the nursery in March 2019 as an apprentice. He produced references and checks were carried out to ensure he was not barred from working with children.

He underwent further training and there were no concerns about him, fu detto alla corte, though some staff said he was immature and he let the children throw toys around and climb all over him.

The alleged sexual assaults came to light when a girl told her mother what had happened after returning home wearing different clothes to those she had gone in with. She told her mother what McCarthy had allegedly done to her.

McCarthy was suspended and asked to leave the nursery while an investigation was launched. Social services were contacted and the police were informed.

The teenager insisted during his trial he had never touched a child sexually or for sexual gratification and he denied being sexually aroused by children.

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