Dennis Rodman at 60, Beryl Burton and when Panenkas go wrong

1) After Sergio Agüero’s recent fluff, we start our round-up in Romania, head to MLS, then venture to Serbia, take a detour to the Championship and finally catch right back up with Bryan Taiva in Chile this week. We can’t quite tell if Bersant Celina was in the Panenka process when this happened (but it looks possible). Oh, and of course, when they go right with the man himself.

2) From Yorkshire TV in 1986: a Calendar summer sport special on Beryl Burton. And as a Women’s Tour de France is confirmed, a look back at the French Championship race around Paris from 1926.

3) Breakdancing title celebrations? Breakdancing title celebrations! But this was far from Scott Robertson’s first rodeo, as seen here, here here and here.

4) On this day in 1981, Dinamo Tbilisi won the Cup Winners’ Cup after disposing of West Ham in the last eight. Dinamo rose to fame after eliminating Liverpool from the 1979-80 European Cup in front of 110,000 fans, and claimed their first European trophy by beating Carl Zeiss Jena in one of the most left-wing games ever, which featured two of the best goals you’ve never seen: a donkey-flick by Gerhard Hoppe which put Jena in front and, and following Vladimir Gutsaev’s equaliser, a solo effort from Vitaly Daraselia.

5) The great Dennis Rodman turns 60 today. Here are his best defensive performances and his top 10 career plays; here he is overcome by emotion when the Detroit Pistons retired his jersey, here he is turning Oprah into a fangirl, here he is being deemed less famous than Michael Barrymore on Celebrity Big Brother 6, and here he is acquainting his housemates with some home truths.

6) De Graafschap could have won promotion to the Eredivisie last week, the Superboeren (“Super Farmers”) given a motorway send-off by a cavalcade of tractors. It’s a bit mesmerising. Two draws have left them stranded in the play-offs, alas.

1) Jonathan Edwards’ longest-ever but wind-assisted jump.

2) Inessa Kravets breaking the women’s triple jump world record which, like Edwards’ mark, has stood since 1995.

3) The longest-standing world records in track and field history.

4) The Birmingham Superprix – a race through the city’s streets in 1989 – which also became known as the “Monaco of the Midlands”.

5) Classic Curtly.

6) Tamara Press, who died last month, winning the Olympic shot and the Olympic discuss, both in 1964.

7) Artur Partyka clearing 2.37m – by far enough to make people wonder if his was the highest jump ever.

8) Nadia Kassem fakes a glove touch and karma, in the shape of Ji Yeon Kim, retaliates immediately.

9) Another brilliant Emma Hayes interview.

10) Doug Mountjoy performs the perfect break.

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