Cripes! Spotty becomes Scotty as the Beano reflects modern thought

거의 70 years after his first appearance as one of the Bash Street Kids in the Beano, the character Spotty has been renamed in the comic’s December issue as its publishers seek to reflect more sensitive modern-day thinking.

Spotty has become Scotty, following in the footsteps of Fatty, who was renamed Freddy in May, with both changes made over fears the nicknames could be seen as offensive.

Michael Stirling, the head of Beano Studios, 말했다: “James Scott Cameron, AKA Spotty from the Bash Street Kids, is now simply Scotty.”

The latest name change has been engineered in a cartoon strip in which Spotty is admonished by his mother after kicking a football through a window, who in rebuking him uses his full name James Scott Cameron.

One of his friends picks up on his middle name and declares: “Wait, your middle name is Scott? I think I’ve got it. We should call you Scotty.” The character, formerly known as Spotty says: "응. I like that.” And another friend adds: “It suits you.”

In issue 4114, Spotty’s moniker has been crossed out on the panel showing pictures of the Bash Street Kids with their names underneath.

“As Scotty said to his classmates, there’s more to him than his physical characteristics, and that’s true for any child,” Stirling told the Telegraph.

“Much like in 1954, when the Bash Street Kids were created based on the zany antics spotted in the school playground outside the Beano office, kids are still the inspiration for our characters and storylines.”

“It’s important to us that our readers see themselves and their lives reflected in Beanotown”.

He said the name change would mean minimal adjustment, and there was no chance of him being confused with Calamity James.

5 월, the Beano’s publisher, DC Thomson, changed Fatty to Freddy after 67 연령, making use of his full name Frederick Brown, with Stirling saying at the time: “Kids come in all shapes and sizes , and we absolutely celebrate that. We don’t want to risk someone using it in a mean way.”

The Fatty renaming prompted some criticism, including from Jacob Rees-Mogg, who called it “comically woke”, but was welcomed by the eating disorder charity Wednesday’s Child, which praised the publishers for considering “how they are potentially impacting the self-esteem and mental wellbeing of their audience”.

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