Grieta en! John Whaite califica los mejores y peores huevos de Pascua de chocolate

Mini Sicilian pistachio-filled Easter egg chocolate truffles
325gramo, £ 18,
Glorious, glorioso. Un verdadero sabor a pistacho.. El chocolate es muy delicado y complementa el relleno.. For all pistachio lovers.

Tony’s Chocolonely
Egg-stra special chocolate eggs mixed flavour pouch
255gramo, £ 5,
Oooh, they are solid. Mmm… salted caramel. It’s just such good-quality chocolate. Very pleasing. It’s an indulgence. There’s variety, it’s diverse, I like that a lot.

Co-op Irresistible
Fairtrade hand-finished hot cross bun egg
175gramo, £ 5,
It has a good smoothness to it. I like the dried fruit. There’s a spicy orange flavour as well. I would buy that – for me. Anyone who likes hot cross buns and chocolate would love that.

Heston from Waitrose
The golden apple
260gramo, £15,
The small chocolates are praline and are nice and toasty. The apple shell is a lovely combination: very bitter, fruity dark chocolate with caramelised white chocolate. Confusing but enjoyable.

Marcas & Spencer
The drippy egg
310gramo, £ 10,
I think it’s quite cute, very colourful. It has the vibrancy of Easter. It’s sour but in a nice way, sweet but with a nice acidity to it. I could eat a whole one of these.

Morrisons The Best
Chocolate collection raspberry and Belgian white chocolate egg
165gramo, £ 5,
That tangy raspberry flavour is instant. It’s really smooth. A little bit powdery on the finish but really lovely, fruity flavour.

Moser Roth
Crispy hazelnut luxury filled eggs
150gramo, £1.99,
I like the texture of the interior; it has a nice nutty flavour. The chocolate is average but I could see myself reaching for a fistful of those. There is something reassuring about them.

Belgian milk chocolate tiramisu egg
260gramo, 8 libras esterlinas,
Good brittle chocolate. The coffee flavour isn’t bitter – it’s subtle, not affronting. There’s harmony in that. It tastes like a tiramisu.

Choceur choco changer salted caramel milk chocolate
170gramo, £4.99,
It has a sickly smell, kind of sweet and vanilla-y. I like the crunch from the caramel bits. It’s very sweet. Not unpleasant, just different?

Doisy & Dam
Dark chocolate good eggs
75gramo, £2,
They deliver on what they promise to be, but I think they’re a little bit bitter for my liking … Too close to the bitter end of bittersweet – but some people like that.

Marcas & Spencer
Harri the hedgehog
135gramo, £ 5,
I really want to like him … It’s cute and kids would like that but it’s not the most special chocolate. It’s waxy, so when you get the flavour, it lingers because it coats your mouth. Not groundbreaking, but inoffensive.

Espresso eggs
180gramo, £15,
You can smell the coffee and the chocolate is bitter. Grown-up eggs. Boisterous in taste and texture. They don’t float my boat, but if you like coffee chocolate, you’ll like these.

The Yolkers hollow white chocolate egg with pink lips
145gramo, £3.50,
As sweet as you’d expect. I’d give it to my nephews; they’d find it girly but I’m trying to break stereotypes with Easter eggs.

Milk chocolate praline mini eggs luxury gift box
370gramo, £17.50,
The praline flavour is lovely and toasty but I think the chocolate flavour lets it down – it’s quite powdery. Perhaps the pralines are a little bit sweet. They look nice for an Easter table or hunt.

Hand-painted bee Easter egg
200gramo, £ 18,
It’s cute for kids but very bitter – I think that’s why this one’s eyes are pointing in different directions: it doesn’t know its audience. That’s a chocolate egg going through a midlife crisis.

(All items were blind-tested)

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