Covidワクチンオーストラリアデータトラッカー: ロールアウトの進捗状況, 毎日の新しいコロナウイルスの症例を追跡する, 統計とライブデータ

オーストラリアのコロナウイルスワクチンの展開は他の国とどのように比較され、いつ予防接種を受ける資格がありますか? 毎日の新しいCovid-19ケースの最新の数字をまとめています, as well as stats and live data on total vaccination figures in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and other states.

収集 27 五月 2021

Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout began in late February. Here we bring together the latest figures to track the progress of the rollout, as well as presenting an interactive tool to show when you might be eligible to receive the vaccine.

One of the biggest logistical exercises in Australia’s history, the delivery of coronavirus vaccines to more than 20 million people has begun.

The government was hoping to have 4 million people vaccinated by March and the entire country inoculated by October.

ここに, you can see the current rate of vaccination compared with the rate of doses we would have needed to meet the government’s goals for the early stages of the rollout, with the initial goal of 60,000 doses in the first week followed by 4m doses by the end of March. This assumes a linear rate of increase, but it’s quite likely the speed of vaccinations will ramp up as the rollout proceeds:

The vaccine rollout is not uniform across Australia, as the state and federal governments have divided the task between them.

The following chart shows how many doses have been administered per 100 people in each jurisdiction.

Note that the Australian rollout rate is higher than the sum of the state rates as vaccinations in GP clinics and aged and disability care are counted at the federal government level.

state by state comparison

ここに, you can see how Australia’s vaccine rollout compares with other countries, notably excluding Israel, which is currently leading the world in terms of the number of doses administered per 100 人:

The timing for when you should expect to get the vaccine is dependent on who you are, how old you are and what you do for work. The government has released an interactive tool that takes into account all the factors that will determine which phase of the vaccine rollout you will be in.

You can check your eligibility for the vaccine rollout using our interactive tool, which uses the government’s data:

Guardian Australia has gone through every state and territory press release to construct and maintain an up-to-date database of coronavirus cases, as well as maintaining live data feeds from other groups collating data.

This chart shows the “epidemic curve” for Australia, showing the progress in “flattening the curve” and how effective various measures have been in suppressing the outbreak:

ここに, you can see the number of new deaths reported per day by the states and territories:

This chart shows the cumulative total of confirmed cases, with the contribution of each state and territory: