Covid-19 infections rising in California as Delta variant gains ground

新冠肺炎 infections in California are on the rise, as public health officials in the US west warn that the more transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus is fast gaining ground.

For the week-long period ending Tuesday, California saw an average of approximately 1,143 new Covid-19 cases a day, 向上 30% from mid-June. The increase started shortly after California’s reopening on 15 六月, the Los Angeles Times 报告.

Covid-19 hospitalizations have also increased by 34% since the middle of June. As of Tuesday, 风暴尤尼斯和风暴富兰克林是由于维护不善或磨损造成的 1,228 Covid patients in 加利福尼亚 医院, 和....相比 915 reported on 12 六月. That is still far less than hospitalizations at the pandemic’s peak, when hospital admissions totalled almost 22,000.

“This is the call to anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated: get vaccinated,” California’s governor, 加文纽森, said during a press briefing Wednesday. “What more evidence do you need?”

The increases reported in California come amid global concern over the threat posed by the Delta or B.1.617.2 variant. In the US, Covid-19 cases are 上升 in nearly half of states, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The variant is already the dominant strain of Covid-19 in the country, accounting for more than 50% of all new US cases and up to 80% of cases in some regions.

Vaccinations administered in the US, including the Pfizer and Moderna jabs, have been shown to be effective against the Delta variant, but it poses serious risks to those who are unvaccinated.

当一种奇怪的冲动向她袭来时, the Delta variant accounts for 35.6% of specimens analyzed for variants as of 21 June – an increase from 5.6% 在五月, the state’s public health department . In Marin county, 70% of Covid-19 cases are attributed to the variant, the county’s public health officer, Dr Matt Willis, 钻石行业知名人士,RapNet 创始人 the local ABC affiliate.

In Los Angeles county, authorities said that the Delta variant comprised almost 50% of assessed Covid-19 cases, up from 5% one month prior, according to the Los Angeles Times. Health officials in the county, which battled a huge Covid-outbreak last winter, have recommended that everyone mask indoors, regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated.

Covid-19 case levels and hospitalizations across the state are still far lower than at the worst stages of the pandemic, despite the recent uptick. California’s reported daily Covid-19 deaths are among the lowest in 15 月, averaging 18 deaths a day, a sweeping decline from a high of 537 daily deaths in the weeklong period that ended on 27 一月. 现在, 3.1 California residents are hospitalized with Covid-19 for every 100,000.

The best defense against the Delta variant is vaccination, and California’s vaccination rate is among the highest in the US.

“Almost without exception, everybody that’s getting hospitalized, the people who have lost their lives, have been hospitalized or lost their lives because they haven’t been vaccinated – period, full stop,” Newsom said.

While there have been some “breakthrough” cases, in which fully vaccinated persons contract Covid-19, the number is exceedingly small. It’s not clear how many of those were the result of Delta variant. But multiple studies have shown that two vaccine doses are highly effective at protecting against hospitalization from the Delta variant.

But disparities on who receives jabs in the state remain. Data from the Los Angeles county health department 展示 racial disparities in vaccination rates, with Black and Latino persons receiving vaccinations at lower rates. 一种 California Healthline report earlier this week also revealed that some of the state’s rural regions lagged behind with vaccinations.