Concetta Caristo: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

My earliest memory of something funny online was the Papa’s Boat meme. It’s a reference to a poem called The Old World that was featured on the 2010 School Certificate English test for Year 10 students. In 2010, Facebook was king and so was liking funny Facebook pages. They would come up in your newsfeed as “Concetta Caristo likes Standing naked on the porch waiting for google maps to take a picture” or “Concetta Caristo likes Carrying a fork in your pocket just in case someone has lasagna”.

The night after the first English exam, I’m awake scrolling my Facebook newsfeed when I start to see some of my classmates liking these pages about the poem I had JUST spent all morning reading and analysing. “Sarah likes That awkward moment when Papa keeps his boat.” I’m dying. “Bryony likes I throw my Papa in the air sometimes saying ayo, where’d my boat go?” My mind is exploding and I’m laughing alone in my bed as meme page after meme page rolls in. In that moment I was at one with every single Year 10 student in New South Wales. Do any other 1994 babies remember this? If you do reach out to me for God’s sake.

Anywazzles (new phrase I’m trying to make a thing, do we love?), funny things on the internet have come a long way since Facebook meme pages. The videos I’ve picked below are so funny and are the things that make me actually laugh out loud which can be rare in this current climate of saying LOL and not meaning it. So without further ado, here’s my list. I hope at least one of them makes you laugh out loud too. Viva Papa!

This is improvisation at its most joyous and hilarious. Kate McKinnon is a god. I know it’s longer than one minute but it gets better as it goes along. Promise me you’ll watch this, please.

Hate flies. Love this impression. The accent, the hand gestures, the accuracy.

Alyssa Limperis does the most hilarious impression of her mother. If you lived/laughed/loved, there’s others so watch them all!

This one’s a classic. It’s in the vein of “awkward guy interacting with real people” comedy, a bit like Nathan for You. Kyle can barely string coherent sentences together and people’s reactions are just priceless. Same as above, there’s a whole bunch of these so check them out.

This video of Mick Jagger dancing is so iconic it lent itself to being used in a million different scenarios. Here are two of my favourites.

Comedy to me is saying “Me” about things on the internet I relate to and sending it to my friends so this next one is: Me.

This is one of my favourite sketches of all time.

Girleh, if you don’t know Meg Stalter by now it’s time you do. This particular sketch of hers speaks to me as a girl with a boyfriend (brag!), but she has dozens upon dozens of hysterical characters. Also highly recommend watching her in the TV show, Hacks!

I just came across this TikTok yesterday but I laughed so hard I cried that it had to be added to the list.

I famously have a fraught relationship with my father and just fathers in general. Lots of them are so lousy, it’s honestly like, what’s the point. But my boyfriend’s father (and Peter Griffin) have really helped to turn me around on all that. He is one of the funniest guys and his Instagram is an extension of that. He’s not even a comedian, he’s just a doctor so that makes it all the more awesome.

If you think my boyfriend’s father’s Instagram is funny, wait til you see my boyfriend’s. Unlike his father, he is actually a comedian and not a doctor (shame) and makes heaps of funny videos that always make me laugh.

In lockdown we made lots of funny videos together and this is one of our best. I’m including this one in particular because it’s about to become very relevant again with lockdown over and summer beach trips around the corner. I also am including it to promote the live show we’ll be doing together in November as two incredible standup comedians and lovers.

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