Comedian Adrian Edmondson traps himself on window ledge

While many of us have occupied ourselves during the pandemic by performing home improvements, for the comedian Adrian Edmondson the usually straightforward act of cleaning windows took an unfortunate turn for the worse.

Edmondson has described having to be rescued by fire services at the weekend after getting himself trapped on his window ledge, saying he had to ask people passing by to find help and that despite the precarious position, the fire brigade “didn’t snigger too much”.

Some of the 64-year-old comedian and actor’s 328,000 followers on Twitter used the moment to link to his previous work, saying it sounded like a scene featuring his characters in The Young Ones or Bottom and would have amused his comedy partner and co-star Rik Mayall, 谁死在 2014.

Others took the time also to share their bank holiday mishaps.

“I fell down a drain,” replied one user, Ros Astengo. “Managed to climb out without anyone seeing. No joke.”

Another told of being “locked out of the house by husband when he went to get our takeaway Sunday lunch from the pub. He forgot I was in the garden. Waited on doorstep with cat.”

In a reoccurring theme of gardening misadventures, Garret Lee recalled that he “spent half an hour watering the garden, came inside and then it rained…”.

“How did Jennifer react?” came one reply, referring to Edmondson’s wife, the actor Jennifer Saunders, to which another user hypothesised: “It was her that closed the window!”

One follower said that she “took the kids out on their scooters and my eldest got to a really steep hill and said, ‘No way am I going down there. I told him kids these days are wimps, and I proceeded to scoot down … crash spectacularly and possibly fracture my elbow!”

Others also shared stories of their time off, with one mentioning that their dog had pushed them into a pond, while another made friends with a pigeon that would not leave them alone.