Cocktail of the week: Junsei’s shai prince – recipe

This drink blends winter fruit and Japanese rice vodka, which is crisp and clean due to its double filtration through bamboo charcoal. The elderflower and apple juice add acidity and sweetness, while the tea delivers sweet, herbal notes and the lime juice a balancing sour element.

Serves 1

50ml rice vodka – we use Haku
35ml brewed and cooled rooibos and honey tea – we use Twinings
10ml elderflower cordial – we use Bottlegreen
10ml fresh lime juice, plus 1 slice lime to garnish
25ml good apple juice

Put all the liquids in a shaker, add ice and shake hard for 40 seconds. Double strain into a tall glass filled with fresh ice, garnish with a slice of lime and serve.

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