Cocktail of the week: Daffodil Mulligan’s kiwi and burnt jalapeño margarita – recipe

This margarita with a smoky, spicy twist will put a spring in your step at the end of a long day. Yes, you do need to be a bit organised and infuse the tequila ahead of time, but, once that’s done, you’ve got all the makings of a chilli margarita in next to no time.

Serves 1

For the jalapeño tequila
1 fresh jalapeño chilli
Olive oil
, to coat
350ml tequila

For the drink
25ml triple sec
25ml fresh lime juice
50ml jalapeño tequila
(see above and method)
1 kiwi fruit, peeled and blended until smooth
1 fresh jalapeño chilli, split lengthways up to the stalk, to garnish

Infuse the tequila at least two days ahead. Turn the grill on high and, while it’s heating up, lightly coat the jalapeño in olive oil, and pour the tequila into a clean jar or small bottle. Once the grill is good and hot, grill the jalapeño for a minute on each side, until it’s lightly charred all over, then remove and, once cool enough to handle, cut into slices, seeds and all. Drop the chopped chilli into the tequila, seal and leave to infuse for two days, then strain and store in the fridge.

To make the drink, put all the liquids in a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously. Fill a rocks glass with fresh ice, strain in the margarita mix, perch the split chilli on the rim of the glass and serve.

Cormac Gibney, bar manager, Daffodil Mulligan, London EC1

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