Chinese American man attacked in New York last April dies of injuries

A Chinese American man who was brutally attacked last April while collecting cans in East Harlem has died of his injuries and the case is now deemed a homicide, polisie in New York said on Saturday.

Yao Pan Ma, 61, died on 31 Desember, polisie gesê.

The attack drew national attention as part of a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in New York and around the country, amid the coronavirus pandemic which originated in China.

The investigation continues.

Jarrod Powell, 49, of New York City, was previously charged with attempted murder, felony assault and hate crime charges. A message was left seeking comment with the Legal Aid Society, which represents Powell and has previously declined to comment.

Powell is alleged to have attacked Ma from behind, knocking him to the ground and repeatedly kicking his head before fleeing, sê aanklaers.

Surveillance video appears to show an attacker stomping on Ma’s head.

A police detective said in a criminal complaint Powell admitted to attacking an Asian man at the approximate time and location of the attack on Ma, stating he did so because the man had robbed him the day before.

News organizations reported Ma was a former restaurant worker who lost his job because of the pandemic and was collecting cans to make ends meet.




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