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US police hunt woman accused of killing elite cyclist amid alleged love rivalry

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A Texas woman is allegedly on the run from accusations of murdering a professional cyclist amid a love triangle involving another professional cyclist. Anna Moriah Wilson, 25, was found dead in the bathroom of a home ...

Pressure mounts on Met to justify no fine for PM over No 10 leaving drinks

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The Metropolitan police are under mounting pressure to justify the decision not to fine the prime minister for attending a drinks gathering, as London’s mayor urged a public explanation. The Met last week closed its i...

‘Historic’ global tax deal on multinationals delayed until 2024

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An international deal that would force the world’s biggest multinational companies to pay a fair share of tax has been delayed until 2024 amid fresh wrangling over the painstakingly negotiated agreement. Mathias Corma...

Atwood responds to book bans with ‘unburnable’ edition of Handmaid’s Tale

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Amid political firestorms over books deemed by rightwingers to be unsuitable for school libraries, the author Margaret Atwood has announced an “unburnable” edition of her most famous novel, The Handmaid’s Tale. The Ca...

May design news: self-shaping furniture and the hemp revival

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Salone del Mobile Milano – the furniture fair where all the big developments in the design world are unveiled – is back next week for the first full production since 2018. A great sign that the normality that’s been d...

Tory MPs have too much riding on Johnson’s lies to call them out now

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Conservative MPs do not need any new information to judge whether Boris Johnson is fit to stay in office, and since they haven’t removed him yet there has to be a good chance they never will. Sue Gray’s report into br...

Shell pauses London AGM as protesters chant ‘We will stop you’

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Three people have been arrested after Shell was forced to pause its annual general meeting in London after it was interrupted by environmental protesters chanting: “We will stop you.” About 40 climate protesters atten...

Schools don’t need to bin Shakespeare – but it’s time for us to teach him differently

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Apparently Shakespeare is the latest victim of the culture wars, with some fearing the Bard is about to be thrown out of classrooms across England in the name of decolonisation. Wokeness has already culled the dead wh...

Evil twinks and gay gangsters: why we need to remember history’s horrid homosexuals

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A febbraio, season two of HBO’s teen drama Euphoria reached a climax. "Bene, if that makes me a villain,” proclaimed an unrepentant Cassie Howard, “then so fucking be it.” This much-memed line encapsulates popular cu...

We Started to Sing review – Barney Norris’s fragmented family ode

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Barney Norris has written a personal play about family life and the passing of time. “These are my parents and grandparents,” he states in his script’s introduction. Writing them, Aggiunge, is “the only way I know how ...

Corrina, Corrina review – onboard battle gets lost at sea

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If you wanted to map the contours of the patriarchy, a container ship would be a pretty good place to do it. That is where playwright Chloë Moss places Corrina, a female officer who joins an all-male crew on an ocean ...

No 10 officials say party attended by Johnson so cramped people sat on each other’s laps

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Partygoers in Downing Street were so cramped together at a leaving do attended by Boris Johnson that some were forced to sit on each other’s laps, it has been alleged. No 10 officials speaking anonymously to BBC Panor...

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