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Windrush victims launch legal action over compensation delays

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Two victims of the Windrush scandal have launched legal proceedings against the Home Office over protracted delays in issuing compensation, asking for clarity on how claims can be expedited. Both Henry Vaughan, 67, 'n ...

Religious rehab centres fill gap as Nigeria grapples with soaring drug use

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Kola* was in secondary school in Nigeria when he started smoking cigarettes. He soon graduated to cannabis, heroin and eventually to crack cocaine. Access to drugs was easy and he felt the pressure of friends to parti...

Canada election 2021: full results

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Canada’s prime minister, Justin trudeau, will continue in office, but has not won a hoped-for majority in a snap election. Preliminary results suggest the new House of Commons will look very much like the old one. Tr...

Coronavirus live nuus: UK welcomes end of US travel ban; American Covid death toll passes 1918-19 flu pandemic

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US lifts ban for vaccinated UK and EU passengers; Covid has killed more than 675,000 Americans as average daily deaths reach levels last seen in March

Arrested development: why are adults still playing high-schoolers on screen?

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By all accounts, Dear Evan Hansen has plenty of problems to contend with. Transplanted to cinema from its Tony-winning Broadway run, it has been battered by critics for everything from its “overlong” runtime to its “w...

Troubled maternity wards still jeopardising patients, watchdog warns

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Babies and mothers are at risk of injury and death because too many maternity units have not improved care despite a string of childbirth scandals, the NHS watchdog has warned. In a highly critical report published on...

Dancing, starry dwarf and narrow-mouthed: new species make India a frog paradise

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It is barely the size of a thumbnail, so it may not come as a surprise that it took so long to spot the starry dwarf frog. It was discovered sitting next to some leaf litter by eagle-eyed researchers on a joint US-Ind...

Going nowhere soon, as passport problems mount

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I recently applied for a passport renewal and this was processed quickly by HM Passport Office. Now it is with its courier, TNT, to deliver, I have come to a dead end. For a week I have been trying to arrange delivery...

Miss Dior by Justine Picardie review – fashion meets the French Resistance

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Postwar Europe is eternally fascinating: the sheer disjunction between past and present. “I will not disguise the fact that the Beistegui ball is a memory that I am proud to possess,” wrote Christian Dior of a more th...

How to eat: loaded fries

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In food, there is very little that has not been documented in incredible detail. Google anything from apple pie to zucchini, and your search will return endless recipes, exhaustive histories and examinations of said i...

The real reason dogs are better than cats

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The Thin Blue Paw is a new organisation honouring the achievements of police dogs, in active service or retired. The inaugural award for outstanding bravery was won by Stark, a West Midlands rookie police dog who kept...

Labour should be approaching its party conference with hope, not despair

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Ahead of the Labour party conference this weekend, many are hoping for a magic leader’s speech to turn the tide overnight. Orthodoxy decrees that a midterm opposition should be polling far ahead, not in Labour’s curre...

Dangerous transmissions: anti-vax radio shows reach millions in US while stars die of Covid

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Phil Valentine, a prominent Tennessee rightwing talk radio host, had released a song called Vaxman, an anti-Covid vaccination ditty based on the Beatles track Taxman. Marc Bernier, a host in Daytona Beach, Florida, ha...

Fit washing machines with filters to reduce microplastic pollution, MPs say

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Washing machines should be fitted with filters to prevent microplastic fibres from clothes reaching waterways and the sea, the Women’s Institute, campaigners and MPs have urged. Filters are cheap and can catch almost ...

Canada election result: Trudeau wins third term after early vote gamble

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Justin Trudeau has won a third term as Canada’s prime minister, with his Liberal party set to capture the most votes in the snap election, a result he called a “clear mandate” to get the country through the pandemic. ...

Hong Kong leader defends election after single opposition figure makes it to 1,500-strong committee

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Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, has defended the weekend’s election of a powerful committee to appoint senior leaders, after just one non-establishment candidate was elected among the 1,500 positions. Under a...

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