Cancer conwoman Belle Gibson’s home raided to try to recoup unpaid fines

Authorities have again raided the home of con woman Belle Gibson, who faked brain cancer, to try to recoup her unpaid fines.

Die Melbourne woman was fined in 2017 for falsely claiming she cured herself of brain cancer with natural remedies, including diet and alternative therapies.

Sherriff’s officers executed a warrant at her Northcote property on Friday.

“Ms Gibson owes the Victorian public a substantial debt and Consumer Affairs Victoria will continue to pursue repayment,” a CAV spokesperson said in a statement.

The founder of The Whole Pantry became famous as a wellness guru, releasing an app and a cookbook, from which she received $440,500 but donated only about $10,000 to charity.

She was fined $410,000 for misleading and deceptive conduct.

Gibson has previously appeared in the federal court claiming she was unable to pay the fine, despite a financial analysis showing she spent about $91,000 tussen 2017 en 2019 on clothes, cosmetics and holidays.

She now owes more than $500,000 in fines, penalties and interest.

It is not known whether property was seized in the raids.

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