Canada places US rightwing militia group Three Percenters on terror list

Canada has officially named the US rightwing militia group Three Percenters as a terrorist entity, saying it had an active presence in Canada and could threaten national security.

Earlier this month US prosecutors obtained a conspiracy indictment against six men associated with the Three Percenters, the latest in a series of such charges arising from the 6 January attack at the Capitol by Donald Trump’s supporters.

Canadian officials cited the riot and said members of the Three Percenters had been linked to a 2020 plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan.

Canada also put leading neo-Nazi activist James Mason and British group Aryan Strikeforce on the list on Friday.

The group’s assets can now be frozen by banks and financial institutions, and it is a crime for Canadians to knowingly deal with assets of a listed entity. Anyone belonging to such a group can be blocked from entering Canada.

In February, Canada named the far-right Proud Boys a terrorist entity, saying it posed a “pivotal role” in the attack on the US Capitol.

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