Britney Spears’s manager quits and suggests singer may retire

Britney Spears’s manager Larry Rudolph, who has managed the singer since her mid-90s breakthrough, has resigned and said the singer possibly intends to retire.

In a letter sent to Spears’ conservators, father Jamie Spears and Jodi Montgomery, and first reported by Deadline, el escribio:

He added that he wished Britney “all the health and happiness in the world”.

His decision continues a flurry of activity around Britney in recent weeks. Desde 2008 she has been subject to a court-appointed conservatorship that restricts her freedoms on mental health grounds.

En junio, she appeared at a court hearing and characterised the conservatorship as abusive. The following week, a judge denied a request to have Jamie Spears removed from the conservatorship. Wealth management firm Bessemer Trust, which had been appointed as a co-conservator in 2020, posee since removed itself from the arrangement, citing “the fact that the conservatee claimed irreparable harm to her interests” under its terms.

If Britney retired, it would bring to an end one of the most successful – and scrutinised – pop careers in US history. Six of her nine albums have topped the US charts, and songs such as … Baby One More Time, Oops! … I Did It Again and Toxic helped to define the pop sound of the turn of the century. En el Reino Unido, she has had 23 Cima 10 singles, six of them No 1s. Her most recent album is 2016’s Glory.

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