Boris Johnson’s woes create a flood of memes

Boris Johnson’s battle for survival has triggered a slew of memes across social media. Here are some highlights.

Cold War Steve
The collage artist is seen as the internet’s satirist of record for the British political system. So he clicked into gear immediately on Tuesday.

Chris Kamara and Jeff Stelling reunited
In political terms, it was end-to-end stuff yesterday for the sports broadcasters.

Guffaws in the House of Lords
This isn’t a meme really, but it probably meets the definition of satire. The appropriately named Cabinet Office minister Lord True read out a statement about upholding public standards – prompting howls of laughter from the red benches.

Mock Succession credits
Footage of Tuesday morning’s grim cabinet meeting – why did Johnson let in the cameras? – was overhauled to look like the opening credits of that festival of parricide, Succession.

Would I Lie to You?
The latest iteration of a popular meme format of the comedy gameshow.

Obligatory Thick of It references
There were several Thick of It-based memes yesterday but here is an example featuring the programme’s fictional Tory minister.

The mayor from Jaws
He is Johnson’s favourite character from the film after all.

Johnson as Gazza
This is from last month but it has not aged.





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