Boris Johnson has turned Britain into a global laughing stock

Jonathan Freedland (It’s a scandal that Boris Johnson ever got to No 10 – and shaming that he’s still there, 14 January) is right, but in common with most other commentators, he omits the unpalatable truth that this country is likely to become (if it hasn’t already) a laughing stock in foreign capitals. To think that we have put in place a leader who is so utterly shameless and so devoid of any idea of what constitutes the truth will not be missed by leaders in Paris, Washington, Brussels or indeed Moscow and Beijing.

How can such a person be trusted to negotiate sensibly or in a trustworthy manner on matters of international importance, when his main interest is his own political survival? And how can a nation that longs to be taken seriously on the international stage put up for a moment longer with this Pythonesque circus?

We cannot afford to think that the UK’s shambolic government and leadership go unnoticed, or that they have no international consequences.
Dr John Evers
Truro, Cornwall

Jonathan Freedland is right to ask what it will mean for the country if Boris Johnson gets away with this. What indeed. I am a proud Scot; I am also proud to be British. In 2014, I voted against Scottish independence as I saw the benefits of Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom (and the EU for that matter).

However, if Boris Johnson does get away with this, I will definitely be voting to leave the UK in any future Scottish independence vote. I do not want to live in a country led by an arrogant, corrupt shower of incompetents. I have had enough – and I am not the only one.
June Cairns
Haddington, East Lothian

Boris Johnson should never have been prime minister, but the only reason he was voted in was the lack of a credible alternative. I don’t believe Keir Starmer is what we need – a real reforming leader who is going to change the disastrous situation Britain is in after years of Conservative misrule.

Starmer daren’t even mention the stupidity of Brexit, and so has nothing to offer except wittering on about whether or not Johnson was party to the partying. Will somebody please take back control – of the Labour party for a start?
David Reed

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