Cita a ciegas: ‘The screaming babies on the next table weren’t exactly mood-matching’

Que estabas esperando? A date story I could tell my friends that didn’t end in complete disaster or me finding out he has a secret wife.

Primeras impresiones? Stylish and cute. He has the same trousers as me … luckily, I wasn’t wearing the same ones.

De qué hablaste Our interest in theatre: I studied performing arts and he works with a casting agency. Coming out to families, online dating during lockdown, y cómo Kelly Clarkson’s Underneath the Tree is the best Christmas song ever. I don’t think there was a silent moment.

Any awkward moments?
I think a photo shoot with a complete stranger constitutes as awkward. Nothing either of us said or did after that topped the initial meet.

Good table manners? He ate an Indian buffet without making a mess, so I was pretty impressed.

Best thing about Tom?Incredibly easy to talk to: it felt like a catchup with a friend more than a date.

Would you introduce him to your friends? sí, he’d fit right in.

Describe Tom in three words? Funny, cute, friendly.

What do you think he made of you?I think he thought I was a bit eccentric when it came to pop culture, hopefully in a good way. We seemed to share the same sense of humour. Lots of laughter.

Did you go on somewhere? The train home. I had work the next day.

And… did you kiss?

If you could change one thing about the evening what would it be?
The screaming babies on the table next to us weren’t exactly mood-matching, but it also made for conversation on whether we wanted babies ourselves, so their presence wasn’t entirely irrelevant.

Marks out of 10? 7.5.

Would you meet again? I don’t think there was a romantic spark for either of us, but as a person he’s great and I would meet again as friends.

Que estabas esperando? To break my lockdown dating drought, free food and drinks, and to get rinsed by the Guyliner.

Primeras impresiones? The photographer captured our “first reactions” which was a bit awkward. Nice shoes, very smiley.

De qué hablaste? Dating in the pandemic; how Underneath the Tree is the greatest Christmas song of all time; his frequent holidays to Disneyland.

Any awkward moments? Not really – a few lulls in conversation but nothing terrible.

Good table manners? I think so. I was so hungry I was more focused on my own plate. We did joke about how messy the food was, but he left with his white T-shirt unstained. He encouraged me to take the leftovers, which was nice.

Best thing about Philip? He was very easy to talk to, very open.

Would you introduce him to your friends? If we bumped into each other.

Describe Philip in three words? Kind, smiley, generous.

What do you think he made of you? That I was drinking too quickly.

Did you go on somewhere? We didn’t, I’m afraid – there wasn’t really a spark.

And… did you kiss? No – and if we had, it would have been a garlicky one!

If you could change one thing about the evening what would it be? The screaming babies sitting next to us – even the manager made a comment.

Marks out of 10? 7.

Would you meet again? Probablemente no.

Tom and Philip ate at Farzi Cafe, London SW1

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