BBC, 일시적으로 Andrew Marr의 자리를 Sophie Raworth 지명

소피 라워스(Sophie Raworth)가 BBC One의 대표 일요일 아침 프로그램의 임시 진행자로 발표되었습니다., known to viewers as The Andrew Marr Show.

그만큼 BBC said Raworth, 53, 프로그램을 제시할 것이다, temporarily titled Sunday Morning, ...에서 9 1 월.

The news follows Marr’s recent announcement that he is leaving the BBC after more than two decades.

The BBC said in a statement that Raworth would front the popular show for a “short period” while a recruitment process for a permanent presenter took place.

Once a permanent appointment was made, the programme would relaunch with a new presenter, title and look, the BBC said.

Marr’s last show will air on 19 12 월.

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