Are you an older person who has become confident getting online during lockdown?

Are you aged 70 or older – and have you become a computer whizz during lockdown? The Guardian is looking to speak to older people who barely went online before the pandemic but are now confidently surfing the web, doing something wonderful online that has given them a fresh joie de vivre.

What were your reasons for going online initially – was it to see your friends at the online choir or speak to your grandchildren? Are you now using the internet for your own projects: like researching your family history, writing a book, getting in touch with long-lost friends from across the world or doing an online course in a subject you always wanted to know more about?

Has your new-found computer literacy helped you feel less concerned about being the victim of online scams – and has that taken a weight off your shoulders? Have the (online) doors that have now opened given you a new lease of life or focus? Are you able to contribute to society and help others in ways that you wanted to before, but couldn’t?

You can get in touch by filling in the form below. Your responses are secure as the form is encrypted and only the Guardian has access to your contributions. One of our journalists will be in contact before we publish, so please do leave contact details.

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