Apple iPad 2021 レビュー: still the best tablet for most people

Apple’s updated low-end iPad looks set to continue its dominance of the market with newer chips, twice the storage and a brilliant new video-calling camera.

The 10.2in iPad costs £319 ($329/A$499) – £300 for students – making it Apple’s best-value tablet, sitting below the £479 iPad mini そして £579iPadAir.

Unlike most of its tablet models, Apple has taken to updating the internal components of the standard iPad once a year while keeping its cost and design the same, ensuring its long line of accessories such as keyboards, cases and pens remain compatible.

As such the experience of using the 2021 iPad is the same as the 2020 iPad, but with the updated iPadS 15 and a few new additions that keep it firmly in pole position.

The iPad now has Apple’s A13 Bionic processor from 2019’s iPhone 11. It’s not Apple’s newest chip but it is considerably more powerful than most lower-cost rivals and easily able to handle anything you can do with an iPad. The tablet now comes with twice the minimum of storage compared with the previous version, at 64GB, which will be enough for those who mainly stream content rather download vast movie libraries.

The new 12-megapixel wide-angle “Centre Stage” camera removes some of the annoyance of video calls by automatically panning and zooming to keep you and friends in frame without having to think about it. It also has much better low-light performance, meaning everyone gets a better, easier view, which will be particularly useful for remote education.

The screen has had a minor but welcome upgrade with the addition of Apple’s “true tone” technology, which keeps colours looking true to life adjusting to ambient light. The display is otherwise still crisp and bright and significantly better than many cheaper rivals.

Apple does not give a rated lifecycle for the iPad battery, typically 500 full-charge cycles in similar devices, but it can be replaced for £99. タブレットは一般的に修理可能です, with an out-of-warranty service costing £246.44, 画面が含まれています.

The iPad uses 100% recycled aluminium in its case, 100% メインボードのはんだに含まれるリサイクルスズ, より多い 65% recycled rare earth elements and at least 60% recycled plastic in multiple other components. Appleは タブレットの環境への影響 そのレポートで.

Appleは下取りと無料のリサイクルスキームも提供しています, アップル以外の製品を含む.

The iPad (9th generation) 費用 £319 ($329/A$499) with 64GB of storage or £459 ($479/A$729) 256GBで. 4G-capable models cost £120 ($130/A$200) more.

比較のために, インクルード アイパッドミニ 費用 £479, インクルード iPad Air 費用 £579 そしてその iPad Pro からの費用 £749, アマゾンの Fire HD 8 費用 £90, インクルード Fire HD 10 費用 £150 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 costs £519.

The 10.2in iPad is still the best tablet for most people offering an unbeatable combination of value, パフォーマンス, software and longevity.

It’s not flash and it has some older technology, such as the lightning cable and wifi5, but its old design means accessories made for many previous models still fit. Doubling the storage to 64GB is welcome, the faster chip and better display too, but it is the Centre Stage auto-tracking video call camera that is a biggest upgrade and will be particularly useful.




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