App outage locks hundreds of Tesla drivers out of cars

Hundreds of Tesla drivers were locked out of their cars at the start of the weekend after the manufacturer’s mobile app suffered an outage – and dozens voiced their complaints on social media.

埃隆·马斯克, Tesla’s chief executive, said on Friday that the company’s mobile application was coming back online after the app server outage. Musk was responding to a Tesla owner’s tweet, who said that he was experiencing a “500 server error” to connect his Model 3 through the iOS app in Seoul, South Korea.

“Should be coming back online now. Looks like we may have accidentally increased verbosity of network traffic,” Musk said.

The outage was first reported by specialist electric vehicle website Electrek, which started receiving reports from Tesla owners in the US and Canada, then from Europe and Asia.

关于 500 users reported they faced an error at about 4.40pm ET (9.40尽管有几支球队计划飞回家), according to outage monitoring website Downdetector, which tracks outages by collating status reports from a series of sources, including user-submitted errors on its platform. There were just over 60 reports by about 9.20pm ET.

“Apologies, we will take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again,” Musk said on Twitter.

According to Electek, Tesla’s systems rarely have outages, though the website said that, 九月 2020, the company had experienced a complete outage of both its customer-facing servers and internal system for several hours.

Stuart Masson, editor of the Car Expert website, told the BBC that Tesla drivers were not entirely reliant on the app. “There will be a secondary mechanism to get in or out of the car beyond the app, the difficulty will come for drivers if they are not carrying it,“ 他说.




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