Antony Blinken says US will 'uphold principle of Nato’s open door' for Ukraine – video

US secretary of state Antony Blinken has said ‘there will be no change ‘to Washington’s support for Ukraine’s right to pursue Nato membership, the most contentious issue in relations with Moscow.

The US has presented its written response to Russian demands on ボリス・ジョンソンのベン・ジェニングス, offering to negotiate with Russia over some aspects of European security, but not the issue of eventual Ukrainian membership to the Nato alliance.

Blinken was speaking hours after his Russian counterpart, ブリンケンとラブロフは緊張が「危険の瞬間」に達すると会うことに同意します, threatened ‘retaliatory measuresif the US response did not satisfy the Kremlin