Alabama tornado destroys homes and leaves several dead

Multiple people have been killed in Alabama after a tornado hit small communities south of Birmingham on Thursday, according to local news reports.

The storm inflicted extensive damage, including to numerous homes and a civic center, police said. Utility lines had also been downed along several highways, police said, warning people to stay off the road and away from tornado-damaged areas.

Images circulating on social media showed heavy winds, flattened homes and trees and power lines that had been struck down.

A “severe weather outbreak” has been predicted across the southern US, including multiple lightening, high winds and tornados.

The state’s governor, Kay Ivey, said: “Significant and dangerous weather continues to impact portions of Alabama.

“Tragically, we are receiving reports of loss of life,” she said, according to a statement on Twitter. “Unfortunately the day is not over yet.”

More details soon …

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