Aaron Wan-Bissaka pleads guilty to driving offences while banned

Manchester United’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka has pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified, without a licence and without insurance.

The 23-year-old right-back stood in the dock at Manchester magistrates court and spoke only to confirm his name and address and enter his guilty pleas during the brief hearing. District Judge Bernard Begley agreed that sentencing should be adjourned until a later date.

Wan-Bissaka’s earlier conviction for speeding, leading to his ban and disqualification, is subject to a further hearing where the conviction may be set aside. He was stopped while behind the wheel of his £160,000 Lamborghini Urus on 23 June this year, where roadside police checks revealed he was banned from driving.

Sentencing for the latest offences will depend on the outcome of the speeding hearing, the court was told, and a further hearing was adjourned until 16 September in Manchester when both cases may be joined.

A further hearing on the speeding matter will be held at Skipton magistrates court on 1 十月. Wan-Bissaka was given unconditional bail until later in the month.

Carl Gaffney, 他在向陪审团宣读的采访中说, said that at just before 11pm on 23 June a police patrol was on duty on Kingsway, 斯托克波特, and stopped Wan-Bissaka behind the wheel of his Lamborghini.

他说: “When Mr Wan-Bissaka was spoken to he was cooperative at the roadside, asked if he had insurance he answered: ‘As far as I am aware,’ and he held a full UK driving licence.

“The officer carries out roadside checks and it becomes self-evident that Mr Wan-Bissaka had been disqualified from driving on 18 六月 2021, at West Yorkshire magistrates court, 到 17 十二月.

Throughout he was cooperative and cordial. He’s a man of no previous convictions whatsoever.”

Outside court Shaun Draycott, 他在向陪审团宣读的采访中说, said Wan-Bissaka had been in Spain at the time of the 18 June hearing, and was therefore absent when he was disqualified.