A Queen’s speech devoid of ideas or compassion

Rafael Behr is spot-on (Inane and Orwellian: a Queen’s speech to improve the life of Boris Johnson, 10 할 수있다). The Queen’s speech was flimsy because it failed to offer any plan to assist the millions of ordinary people who will struggle to survive the impact of economic stresses ahead. And it was sinister, because underpinning this agenda is the iron fist of the state enforcing the erosion of our civil and human rights in actions reminiscent of totalitarian states. Judging by Prince Charles’s intonation and demeanour, I guess he might well agree too.

In the face of shrivelling incomes, escalating prices and a recession on the horizon, this government is not only devoid of ideas, but appears totally immune to the pain and distress already experienced by hard-working families without financial reserves, to those pensioners like Elsie (Woman who rides bus to stay warm is tip of pensioner poverty iceberg, 3 할 수있다) who have to choose between eating and heating, and all those whose income fails to provide even basic sustenance.

Now is the time for the Labour party to be courageous and challenge the electorate to endorse traditional Labour policies of redistributing wealth, taxing excessive profits, tackling poverty, and the realigning of a properly funded national health service.
Peter Riddle
Wirksworth, 더비셔

Rafael Behr nails essential Conservatism perfectly when he writes of Boris Johnson that “the most powerful faction among his MPs will not, as a point of ideological principle, countenance anything that seriously interferes with the accrual of wealth and privilege to those who already have them”. And that explains why levelling up has never happened and never will under Toryism.
Alec Murdoch

As the Commons doors shut in Black Rod’s face, today’s inheritors of Whig ideas of limited monarchy, even republicanism, could think back to 4 1 월 1642, when Charles I entered with armed men but failed to arrest five members. At the same moment, the Tories could think of 6 12 월 1648, when Col Thomas Pride, with armed troops, purged the Commons of all members unacceptable to the army, 또는 20 4 월 1653, when Oliver Cromwell entered the House with armed troops and succeeded in expelling the remaining members: “In the name of God, go!” English history offers divergent precedents.
George Baugh
Much Wenlock, Shropshire

The Queen’s speech extols “restoring local pride”. Lincolnshire county council has decided to do this by paying for the erection and maintenance of flag poles throughout the county. We had better be careful not to fall in the potholes while admiring the flags.
Kate Burgess
Boston, Lincolnshire

It’s such a pity that the Queen isn’t now seen in a wheelchair, which she probably needs. This would highlight the problem of accessibility that disabled people experience. She would certainly have needed a ramp to get to the throne for the Queen’s speech, let alone negotiating the building.
Jackie Rupert
Reading, Berkshire

I wonder how many people watching the Queen’s speech found their minds idly wandering back to Roy Hattersley’s non-appearance on Have I Got News for You?
Richard Elliott

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