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Study reveals alarming trend in US death rates since 2000

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How many Americans would die each year, on average, if the country had European mortality rates? Far fewer, suggests a new analysis, which compared mortality trends before the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite spending far m...

Knee injury rules ‘heartbroken’ George North out in fresh blow to Lions tour

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George North has been ruled out of the British & Irish Lions tour of South Africa. The Wales back confirmed he will undergo knee surgery next week having ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament. It is a further bl...

Italian climate activists sue government over inaction

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Environment campaigners in Italy are suing the government for failing to sufficiently tackle the climate crisis in what is the first legal action of its kind in the country. The 203 plaintiffs will submit their lawsui...

Poland v Slovakia: Euro 2020 – live!

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Australia news live: Morrison defends tourism package; WA election campaign enters final day

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The PM has rejected claims of favouring Coalition and marginal seats through subsidised flights; and WA opposition leader Zak Kirkup insists he has no regrets as he prepares for landslide defeat. Follow all the latest...

TV tonight: Brian and Domhnall Gleeson’s Frank of Ireland begins

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Brothers Brian and Domhnall Gleeson co-write and star in this offbeat comedy about best friends Frank (Brian) and Doofus (Domhnall) navigating single life in Dublin. In this opening episode, musician Frank discovers ...

Y2k: the late 90s and early 00s fashions making a comeback

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Just when you thought current times couldn’t get any more fraught, along comes the threat of a low-rise jeans renaissance. And not just low-rise jeans – birthed by Alexander McQueen as “bumsters” – but many staples of...

Six tips for tackling sensitive skin: how the experts deal with dryness, tightness, itchiness and redness

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If you struggle to find creams and lotions that are right for you, this advice on skincare ingredients and routines will hit the spotSensitive skin can mean different things, from dryness, tightness, itchiness and red...

UK travel industry shares climb as hopes rise for green light on holidays abroad

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Airlines and travel companies’ share prices rose on Tuesday after more signals from Britain and the EU that summer holidays abroad could go ahead. Airlines EasyJet, Lufthansa and British Airways’ owner IAG all rose in...

UK students sue government over human rights impact of climate crisis

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The UK is being taken to court by three young people who claim their human rights are being breached by the government’s failure to act decisively on the climate crisis. Adetola Stephanie Onamade, Marina Tricks and Je...

The Guardian view on public sector jobs: keep gig economics out

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The erosion of job security and the prospects of millions of UK workers due to casualisation and outsourcing is widely recognised to have transformed the experience of work. Between 2000 and 2016, the number of zero-h...

Arlo Parks: ‘Creativity hits me like a lightning bolt’

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As a child I had a wild imagination; from the age of seven I’d sit and write epic stories. I found some recently. One was a Lord of the Rings situation; in another I was an Australian snake-wrestling spy. It was a way...

In the footsteps of great female explorers

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For more than 30 years, Scottish writer and explorer Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain lay untouched in a drawer, rejected by publishers at the time. Today, the book is celebrated as one of the greatest ever written ...

Covid vaccines: what is patent waiving and will it solve the global shortage?

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For those advocating for greater access to vaccines, it is a case of two cheers for Joe Biden. His administration’s decision to support a push at the World Trade Organization (WTO) to waive patents on Covid-19 vaccine...

The uncertain future that small farmers face after tariff-free trade deals

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How ironic that the EU is currently introducing sweeping reforms of its farming subsidies to halt the decline of small farms, so as to retain the benefits of thriving rural communities, management of the landscape and...

Jesse Lingard and Craig Dawson strike against Leeds to send West Ham fifth

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West Ham are not going away. This win was nowhere near as comfortable as the two-goal margin might suggest but means they are breathing down the necks of the top four, with a game in hand and a potentially defining tr...

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