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Euro 2020 day five: France v Germany buildup after Spain misfire – live!

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Got the jab, bought the T-shirt: ‘vaxinistas’ and the rise of pandemic merchandise

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This summer’s trend is not a dish or a dress, but a clean bill of health posted on social media. There’s even a word for it: a “vaxinista” – a combination of “fashionista” and “vaccine” – is someone who has not only h...

World Test Championship is hard to love but final deserves more than a washout

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The forecast is for rain. Of course the forecast is for rain. It’s the final of the World Test Championship on Friday: a concept first seriously mooted by Wisden a quarter of a century ago, first endorsed by the Inter...

What’s eating Harry? Kane’s game is misaligned with changed England

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OK, win the opening game. Let’s top the group and play Portugal next, a nation England haven’t beaten in a proper match since 1966. Harry Kane? Two England goals in his past 10. Plus it’s probably going to rain on Fri...

Record-breaker Cristiano Ronaldo commands audience he deserves

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Of all the stadiums in all of Europe to be close to full capacity at Euro 2020 it would be the one that Cristiano Ronaldo bestrides for his latest international record on Tuesday. Murky politics may have been behind t...

Woman dies after falling from cliff at Durdle Door

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A woman has died after falling from a cliff at a popular coastal spot. Dorset police said they were investigating the circumstances of the incident, which took place on Monday afternoon at Durdle Door. The force said...

Cancer Alley campaigner wins Goldman prize for environmental defenders

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A retired special education teacher from Louisiana who led a successful grassroots campaign to stop construction of a toxic plastics plant in America’s Cancer Alley has won the 2021 Goldman prize for environmental def...

‘We need real change’: Japanese activist urges faster coal phase-out

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For more than 20 años, Kimiko Hirata has fought a long and often lonely battle against coal in Japan, but for the first time the climate activist believes the dirtiest fossil fuel is on the run, not just in her count...

Eradicating polio is finally within reach. Why is the UK taking its foot off the pedal?

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Despite the Covid pandemic, there have been just two recorded cases of wild polio in 2021 – in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the two remaining hiding places for the disease. But eradication is not guaranteed. Polio is vir...

China and the west must now cooperate to achieve global Covid vaccine coverage

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“Vaccine diplomacy” has evolved into a dirty phrase, not least in relation to China and the notion that its government could be exchanging ineffective jabs for geopolitical capital. At the weekend the G7 pledged just ...

Watch the world’s most expensive working dog in action – video

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A two-year-old Australian cattle dog named Eulooka Hoover now holds the title of the world’s most expensive working dog after he sold for auction at $35,200 • Kelpie fetches world-breaking $35,200 at Australian workin...

UK unemployment rate drops again as firms hire more staff

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UK unemployment fell for the fourth month in a row in April as businesses took on more staff in response to the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions. The Office for National Statistics said the jobs market showed furth...

UK unemployment rate falls to 4.7% as payrolls surge – business live

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Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news

Five of the best nature and history walks in Britain

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The northern reaches of Pembrokeshire are home to a pair of fascinating locations that take visitors back to Britain’s distant past. Pentre Ifan is a neolithic burial chamber in the shadow of the Preseli Hills. Origin...

Connections by Karl Deisseroth review – artful insights into the brain

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Karl Deisseroth’s book comes so richly garlanded with endorsements that I wanted to dislike it. A world-renowned psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Deisseroth is also a talented writer who, when the technology comes up ...

It seemed like a cheap book deal – but it was a club costing £15 a month

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I recently bought a book from the website It was a cookbook advertised at the attractive price of £12.63 (including free delivery), making it a few pounds cheaper than the closest competitor. I completed ...

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