10 Quick Questions: glued to Australia’s Covid-19 press conferences? Prove it

一种ustralians the country over have adopted a dark and destructive pastime. It may be vital to our very survival, but overindulge and you will find yourself a nervous wreck, rocking back and forth, or – even worse – falling in love with a chief health officer.

I am of course talking about the daily spectacle of the Covid-19 press conference.

We sit eyes glued to the TV as Daniel Andrews steps up for his 100th day in a row. We diligently set our alarms for 10.58am each day to hear the numbers from Gladys Berejiklian. And we get a bit nervous when we hear Mark McGowan is speaking, because it means there’s probably another Covid-infected cargo ship in our waters, or something like that.

But as those cursed with Covid-19 presser obsession know, these events have also produced some of the funniest and most bizarre moments on Australian TV. So let’s find out just how much you have really been paying attention.